ensures the right number of people are at the store at given time to help them shop safely and efficiently.




Safe shopping slots at your finger tips

Booking a shopping slot is made easy. With few clicks you are ready to shop in a healthy environment. You can book for your relatives too.

No Waiting

No hassle of reception and waiting, just enter the shop with a valid QR code


Find your favourite stores

Searching your neighbouring stores is made easy as possible.

See your booking history

Booking statistics made simple and easy


Download Customer App

Your safety and time is our concern., lets a user select at convenient time slot to shop at a sanitised & safe store. No more endless waiting outside, no overcrowding, just shop safe. Use the app, select the store and Block your time Slot. Then go to the shop at the designated time, scan the QR Code and shop in a sanitised and safe environment.

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Download Merchant App

The safety of your customers and your daily business is our concern., let’s you qualify your own store for its sanitation, social distancing, contactless experience to create a predefined and orderly time slot for a select number of consumers to shop at your sanitised & safe store.

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